Where We Start

There is an expression, "Change is inevitable" and it certainly applies to college recruiting!  There are so many rules and regulations; so much data and information to sift through, digest and understand, and with the dynamic state of this life-changing endeavor of finding the right-fit college or university, many parents and student-athletes experience  sleepless nights, worry and  a whole lot of asking themselves: "What next?"   "What now?"   Where do we start?"  

The POA Team is here to help remove the anxiety, stress and worry.   Here's where we start: 


We will schedule a free initial phone consultation with you to evaluate your unique collegiate goals        and objectives and share an overview of our program.   Should we agree there is mutual fitness to further explore becoming teammates, we will then schedule a free, in-person visit to discuss our program's process and responsibilities.  


  • When it is mutually decided to join forces, POA will prepare and deliver the Next Level Steps, The Game Plan and The Playbook to our new POA teammates.
  • Upon timely completion of the reading materials above and executing next steps and acknowledging this to POA, we will then deliver your Unique Personal Plan (UPP).
  • Your first (of many) monthly Huddle consultation will then be scheduled with POA to discuss your UPP, in detail.

Game On!

  • POA will then deliver your your Unique Locker and Library  (ULL) tools to begin your collegiate dream- quest!

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If you do not know where to go or what to do, we can help!

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