I didn't realize there are sooo many things to know AND do with helping my daughter with college athletic recruiting!  I NOW know, and know how to do it myself!  Thank you, POA!

          - Sharon L., Glendale, AZ

" We wasted three years wondering when our coaches would work on getting our child noticed and hopefully recruited.  We found out very quickly that it was OUR job!  We will not make the same mistake with our Freshman!"

          - Mario R., Phoenix, AZ

"If you want to learn the truth on how this crazy process works . . . and really learn how to help your child, you MUST DO SOMETHING!  It is clear, fun and so important!  And we saved a lot of $$$!"

          - Richard V., Chandler, AZ

"PARENTS: Don"t make another excuse!  IT'S YOUR CHILD'S FUTURE!"

          -Rudy H