Club and School Teams and Boosters


We extend to your team, club or group a FREE, straightforward college recruiting presentation, designed to slay the myths and mysteries of the college recruiting process. We not only offer nearly 20 years’ of national recruiting expertise, but also a passionate delivery on preparing a game plan for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Because we are Arizona-based, POA works only with Arizona student-athletes and families, which allows us both to enjoy a very personal, unique and very successful relationship with all our families.

Points to be covered in our roughly 30-minute presentation include:

  • This is about getting your education
  • You must have a college recruiting game plan
  • New NCAA recruiting regulations
  • The vital intangibles in the recruiting process
  • The truth about camps, showcases and recruiting tournaments
  • It is not your coach’s job to get you recruited . . . it's yours and ours
  • Do not spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily in hopes of being discovered

There will be a Q & A session following the presentation to address specific questions.  

To Schedule your recruiting presentation, please contact: 

Barrie Dodson