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The fact that less than 1% of high school student-athletes procure a fully-funded NCAA Division I scholarship should provide a sobering glimpse into the reality of the situation! What about the wonderfully-committed student-athletes who just are not done playing their respective sports; those who are not going to the NFL or the NBA (who does, really)? You know, our sons and daughters who think playing at a lower division or NAIA school suits them just fine. They seek only to wear a uniform that will provide them the opportunity to continue playing (not sitting) a game they've been part of since they were pee-wees; they want their education, and as fully-funded as possible . . . we're sure you do, too! What about the time, emotional and financial sacrifices parents make to give their babies opportunities to grow and to be involved in something so special as high school or club athletics (or to get noticed by college programs)?

We've seen countless times the high school coach who "reclines" on the laurels of "Johnny" going to Notre Dame, or "Jenny" going to UCLA; no fault of coach's, but what about the other 99%?! Don't they deserve an opportunity for this elusive treasure of being a collegiate student-athlete?

A cornerstone of what Play On Athletics and its member families do is based on the truth of college recruiting and shedding the light on realistic academic AND athletic expectations, and agreeing to full-out commitment from both of us: no false promises or Skype meetings here!

We'll actually meet in person! We look forward to it!